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Editorís Note

The “UK Asian Restaurant Directory” is the outcome of an effort to bring Asian cuisines together on a single platform. In recent years, there has been a renaissance in the British food industry. The total estimated market is roughly £32 billion with a steady annual growth of 4%. The catering industry is now being considered as the second-fastest growing market segment after public houses. And the curry industry represents approximately10% (worth £3.2 billion) of the British Food industry which has restaurants and take-away in every major British city and town. However, Asian restaurants played an instrumental role to build this multi-billion pounds curry industry in the UK. And whether hot, mild, creamy or dry, curry is now being claimed to be the UK's national cuisine.

Discussing the origin of the word “Curry”, most pundits have settled on the origin being the Tamil word ‘Kari’ which means “spiced sauce”. Research has gone a long way but we are still in search for the origin of the word “Curry”. However, the UK's love affair with curry has also come a long way. Asian restaurants in the UK have made this colourful culinary contribution to the food industry as well as raising awareness and understanding of Britain's Asian communities.

The UK’s love of curry means Chicken Tikka Masala is now being considered as the leading British dish that has its root in the Indian subcontinent. Along with this, the UK has now a great collection of Sichuan and Cantonese restaurants, celebrates the four-month long “Sushi food festival”, showcases Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes in Middle Eastern restaurants. Furthermore, just 30 years ago, there were fewer than 500 Asian restaurants in the UK, while today there are more than 17,000 Asian restaurants employing approximately 150,000 people. Among them more than 9,000 restaurants are Bangladeshi-owned Indian restaurants. While the curry industry is growing enormously, more and more Asian restaurants are being added to the list, triggering the need for a complete directory of all the Asian restaurants in the UK. This month has observed the grand launch of the “UK Asian Restaurant Directory”, the first of its kind in the Great Britain.

“UK Asian Restaurant Directory” contains contact details, phone numbers, addresses of UK-based Asian Restaurants (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Middle Eastern etc.) in one convenient guide. This Directory helps to find information about all the UK-based Asian restaurants. This launching edition also focuses on:
- Short glimpses on Award-Winning Restaurants
- Special segment on "Brick Lane -The Curry Hut"
- Exclusive segment on "Canary Wharf Restaurants -The Heart of London" 
- Exclusive Asian Recipes/Dishes    

“UK Asian Restaurant Directory” aims to benefit millions including:
- Individuals & Families. w Restaurant Owners & Staff
- Manufacturers and Suppliers of Groceries targeting restaurants
- The entire Small Businesses dependant on the curry industry
- Multicultural Communities

We believe the “UK Asian Restaurant Directory” will cater for the long-standing need for a complete Directory of Asian restaurants based in the UK. Media Mohol, being an independent news network and marketing solution provider, is committed to launch value-added products in the Directory market. We would like to express our gratitude to all our sponsors, advertisers, strategic partners, and the High Commissions/Embassies of Asian Countries based in the UK for their heartfelt support to make the "UK Asian Restaurant Directory" a great success.

Sayed Chowdhury

UK Asian Restaurant Directory: Britainís first Asian restaurant directory
Published by: Media Mohol Ltd, London 2007-2008

Contributor: Mohammed Shamim, Moshahid Hussain, Muhammed Abul Aziz, Forhad Ahmed, Shamim Ahmed, Mohammed Hossain, Abdul Mazid.


UK Asian Restaurant Directory  
Britainís first Asian Restaurant Directory  
Editor & Managing Director: Sayed Chowdhury  
Published by: Media Mohol Ltd, London  

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